Frequently asked questions

Do you provide bus services?

Yes! FLACC has our own bussing system. We pick up children from around Franklin County.

Do you have open enrollment?

Yes! You can download the application from our website or visit us at our location and one of our dedicated staff members will be more than happy to assist you through the enrollment process.

Do you have a free or reduced lunch program?

Yes! We also provide snacks throughout the day.

Do you incorporate technology in students' learning experience?

Yes! 21st Century learning and curriculum is highly dependent on the use of online tools and materials. We deploy Smart Boards and computers/tablets in every classroom and make use of various online learning platforms.

What makes FLACC a unique learning institution?

FLACC is not just a school - it's a community. We embrace a "whole of community" approach to the development of our children. The school is open seven days a week to educate children and bring along the parents and the rest of the community that surrounds the child on their learning journey. We host regular seminars, town halls, and information sessions for parents, siblings, and for the broader community to create a deep sense of belonging and ownership of the child's growth.

How do you encourage parent involvement in students' education?

FLACC faculty and administration recognize that parents are the link to childrens' success and we take great care to know every parent and encourage them to visit the school and their children during the learning periods. We have an open door policy and transparency initiative for all our parents so that they are fully aware of their children's activities and experiences at the school. We also provide regular Parent Academies throughout the year to help our parents aquire all the tools necessary in 21st Century parenting and education. These seminars range from learning online ettiquette, keeping the Internet safe for children, the use of social media, general Internet safety, overcoming obstacles, holding schools accountable, understanding report cards, public health related issues, and nutrition. Facilitators include FLACC school leaders and subject matter experts. In many cases, topics of these seminars are generated from our own parents based on their needs.

Do you provide summer and after-school tutoring?

Yes! We provide both tutoring services during school after hours and summer programs to help children grow academically. These programs are designed to enrich the children and ensure that they do not fall behind. The main goal of these programs is to closing the gap.